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Welcome Readers! Thank you for coming to the Generous Colorado blog.

This is place to share the ideas, successes, and challenges we encounter as we work to make a  more generous Colorado. It is my firm belief that you don’t have to be a millionaire to really make a difference, and to demonstrate that, I”d like you to share some personal stories about generosity, philanthropy or volunteerism that have really made an impact. 

Enjoy the uplifting stories and useful advice you find here from people – just like you – that  want to give back to their communities. Contribute your own comments, and we’ll work together to improve the quality of life and provide more opportunity for all residents of this great state.

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4 Responses to Thank You For Visiting!

  1. Heidi says:

    I’d love to know of a Colorado foundation or bank that will accept a donor advised fund of less than $25K initial contribution.

    Lowering the contribution bar for this method of giving is part of making philanthropy accessible.

    Thus far, I’ve not had success in finding such a metro-area foundation, and although Community Shares’ MyColorado is an innovative way to create giving circles, I’d still like to know of any DAF resources I might have missed.

  2. Doris Kester says:

    Southern Colorado Community Foundation, based in Pueblo, will accept Donor Advised Funds for less than $25K. Our usual DAF minimum is $10,000. Please check out our website and/or contact me at 719 546 6677.

  3. At Community First Foundation we accept initial contributions to a Donor Advised Fund of just $5,000. Donor Advised Funds are a great way to reserve dollars in a fund specifically designed for giving to charities. We would manage the fund’s administration while you would recommend the timing, dollar amounts and recipients of your fund’s dollars. We have been promoting philanthropy in the Denver area for more than 35 years and would love to help you support the community. To learn more, you may call us at 720.898.5900 and may also want to check out some of the resources on our Web site:

  4. Thank you for thinking of ways to expand your philanthropic impact! At The Denver Foundation, people can start a fund at any time, with any amount of money, and they can add to the fund whenever they like. However, they can’t make grants out of a fund until it has at least $25,000 in it. We selected this threshold based on the costs of servicing these accounts.

    We try to be flexible with special situations, so please let us know how we can help. There are other options for giving that don’t require the $25K threshold. Let us know if you would like details!

    The Denver Foundation, serving Colorado since 1925

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